Areas of Research

I would be happy to discuss project topics in any of the areas listed below with interested MSc or PhD students or potential collaborators.

Some examples of specific projects on offer can be found here

Insecticide biology: Insecticide mode of action, mechanisms of resistance, effects of acute and chronic toxicology

Neurogenetics: Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors – structure, function and evolution, roles in insect behaviour, trafficking of receptors

Population genetics and parasitic biology of Lucilia cuprina:  Population dynamics of the Australian Sheep Blowfly,  host:parasite (sheep:blowfly) interactions; Enhancing L. cuprina ‘omics’ resources.

Developing genetic technologies: Adapting transgenic tools and techniques to address our research questions.  These are based on genetic tools including gene editing, GAL4>UAS and the many technologies and resources available in the Drosophila research community.